Hi, I’ve decided that I’m just going to post at 7:00 in the morning today! I’m probably going to forget later in the day so I’ll just do it now. Let me see, let me see, let me see. Ok. So I used to have a BOY-AS-A-FRIEND. His name was Aiden. He had a crush on me. How did I know? His grandmother told my mom, my mom told me. Why am I telling you this? Because guess what. There’s this new girl in the ward. Her name is Katey. “Can you ask her if she has a crush on me?” That made me angry. I just smiled and said, “Fine.” I was sort of mad, but Katey was my friend. I wasn’t just gonna start hating her because of a boy! I asked her. “Aiden wants to know if you like him. Do you?” She answered quickly. “No. Why would he ask? You know what, tell him that I don’t like it when a boy wants to know something, so he sends a friend OF the girl to ask.” “Ok.” When we walked out of primary I told him what she said. He started to ask me something like uh.. “Tell-” but I walked away.

“I’M NOT YOUR OWL!” direct quote from Harry Potter (It was Hermione Granger that said it.)

the quote above is what I wanted to say, but I just kept my mouth shut and walked away. It was JUST TOO awkward to talk to him. He’s still at my ward though. He has another friend, Peyton. Guess what. He had a crush on me to. And since Aiden and Peyton were best friends, it was awkward that they had both at one time had a crush on me. OH OH ALMOST FORGOT. One time, when Aiden came to church, he asked me if Peyton and I were… TOGETHER. because he told me, that Peyton told him, that we were together. IN OTHER WORDS: Boyfriend and GIRLFRIEND. I couldn’t believe it.

“No. I don’t know why he told you that..” Is what I responded. That’s what was sorta fun about coming to church. I’d get to come, and talk to either Peyton or Aiden because they were both in my class. They are both STILL, in my class. Aiden comes more often than Peyton.

dear readers

Hi everybody. I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I think its time to change that! Well, I have some exciting things to say. Yesterday mom, dad and I went to go see Catching Fire! It was SO cool. Today we went to Cody’s Roadhouse for dinner. It was good! If you haven’t received an email from me already, I’m sorry. I have an email that check most days-

I hope to get some emails tomorrow or any time soon. When you send the email do something like this:


??? ??? ??? ? ??? ??? ?? ??? ? ?? ??????. ???????????? ???? ?????.  Here’s my email: ?????@?????.com




I hope that example made sense 🙂

My mamma decided to get that she was going to give Lauryn and I her old phone. She got a new one. If you’re wondering why, its because our home phone only works with WIFI and if there was some sort of emergency she’d be able to call us. Even though we have wifi at home its always good to have a back-up. Sometimes the home phone gets all wacky and doesn’t work.

It was nice writing to you, and I hope to write some more tomorrow. I hope that someone checks this often because it would stink if I was talking to nobody.

Love Poem!

Well, I just wrote a love poem, here it goes:

_________ I love you dearly and now I see it clearly,
and now you finally understand, how love has such a demand
know that in your heart is where I’ll always be, I’m very grateful that now you really see, how much you mean to me.
use that for whoever you want :-)!

WA state

Hey everyone! 😉 As you all probably know I’ve been in WA state. Well, sadly, we’re leaving today. Right now I’m typing on my Grandma’s computer. Anyway, I just want to make something clear real quick: this is my email: For some reason no one knows my email! Well, now it’s clear. So, we’re leaving in about 20 to 25 minutes, gotta go! 🙂 ~alexis

An experience, experienced today.

Hey everyone. I have an interesting experience that I want to share with you guys. Hope your ready for lots of reading! I was playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and I was talking to a friend on Pirates, he asked me what I believed in, you know, church-wise. I told him pretty much everything I knew and believed in the church, in other words, I bore my testimony. This is what I said: “I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I believe that no one is perfect, that my prayers are answered, and that I am a child of God.” After I said that (I actually typed it..) I felt all warm and fuzzy. He then told me: “You’re wrong.” When I read those words from the screen, I started to cry. “How could he say that?” I thought, as the tears ran down my face. I didn’t want Lauryn or Dad wondering what had happened, so I quickly dried the tears from my face. I tried to brush it off. “You don’t believe in what I’ve told you, but I can’t make up your mind for you.” I told him. After I said that, I ran off (in Pirates of the Caribbean we use the arrow keys to run/walk.. so we’re not physically running after each other!). He ran after me and began, “preaching”. Every time I told him one of my beliefs, he kept telling me, “You’re wrong.” Barely realizing it, every time he told me that, a few more tears ran down my face. We started having this fight about our religions. We kept on fighting until I finally said, “You’re being a servant of the devil by fighting with me.” As soon as I sent that message I knew that I had gone to far. I began to start feeling rotten inside, “What’s wrong with you?!” I kept thinking to myself. He left. I ran after him and kept telling him, “I’m sorry. I was just so mad, can you forgive me?” He remained silent. He then finally said, “I am going to read some of the Bible, it will change your lives forever.” I felt like this: “Do you think that I want to hear your preaching’s?! I just want your forgiveness!” He changed his mind about reading the Bible, and then said to me, “I forgive you because we have a loving God.” I thought that I should feel better but I didn’t, my friend, Shadow, (it’s her name on pirate’s) then asked me if I was okay. “I need to get on my knees and pray.” I responded. I went to the living room, got down on my knees, and began asking for forgiveness. I asked Heavenly Father what more I should do to feel fully replenished, because of saying what I said. I then talked to Dad. He said that he had felt that way before to. We were at a Cummorah Pageant. There was this man, standing on a stage, saying things against the church. Dad went up there, and pushed the microphone right out of his hands! The cops took Dad, and put him in cuffs. After talking to that guy with the microphone, they let Dad go.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any comments, instead of commenting on the comment board sent comments to my email hope to hear from you! (hope you think its not silly..)


Hi everyone! I just wanted to write some stuff down in me blog :). So, two days ago was Sarah’s birthday! But for some reason yesterday it wouldn’t let me post a post :(. But all is well because its working! So, the past week Maribel has been here, and yesterday she flew back to Washington. I should go.. oh and BY THE WAY, my throat REALLY hurts. I think I have.. uh what is it called.. flem. Did I spell it right? let me know in the comment box OR to my email! :):):):):)


Ok, well yesterday a couple days ago a chick.. HATCHED! We named him/her fluffy, but I like calling fluffy: fuzzball :)! Anyways, I was you know, just doing my school and then I got an email from a girl named, Kate. She’s really nice, and we talk on my email that’s on Anyway, this is a message for grandma sant: look at your emails! I sent you one yesterday (instead of a letter :() ok talk later! I mean write later! bye!

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